How to Write a Scientific Book

Start Small


When someone buys a scientific book, they do so because they want to find a particular type of information – not something generalized that they can find on the first page of Google.

One way to do this is to start a blog. Yes, you read that one right; blogging may not sound like anything big to you, but it will give you an idea of what your audience likes to read. From that, you should narrow it down and pick a subject that won’t lead to an entire scientific encyclopedia.

Find an Agent

And most of all, listen to them as if God was speaking to you. Sure, you’re the one with the knowledge; but they’re the ones that helped publish successful books before. They know the ropes. So if they tell you that you should do something, you should do exactly what you were told.

Write a Proposal

Every publisher will need a good proposal to go on. Usually, they will have their own guidelines – so, make sure that you do proper research before sending it out. Make sure that you have carefully explained the concept of your book and why it would be important for the market. If they’re convinced it will sell, they’ll accept the book.

Write an Outline

You may have the idea and theories in your head, but you are certain to get sidetracked unless you put some order to your mind. Ideally, you should know how your book ends before you even start it. You should also attach the necessary references to the chapter list, just so that you know exactly where to look for ideas.

Write the Draft

Once you have everything put together, you can start putting everything together. Remember that a scientific book is nothing more than a long essay; they go almost by the same rules. However, thanks to its length, you have to prepare yourself for a lot of editing. Accept any criticism given to you by the editors, because all they want is for your book to look its best.

Once the text is ready, you can give it to your publisher and they will do the rest. All that’s left is for you to wait until it hits the shelves, where that baby can be sold. Don’t be disappointed if the book doesn’t become a hit right away; usually, it takes some time until they catch the wind.