About Me


My name is Martha, and I am that kind of person you will always see in the park, sipping from a cup of coffee while reading or scribbling in my notebook. While I enjoy watching movies, I generally prefer the book, since I usually get more details out of it. I like understanding the way everything falls together, and blind spots just irk me – which is why I want to read everything from the book.

This is probably why I’m also so fascinated by scientific facts. Science never lies, it’s always straight, and there’s no fluff in it. It has been my passion since I was a child – and while others may have considered me pretty nerdy because of it, I certainly don’t regret my choice in studies.

One of my other passions, on the other hand, is writing. Not the fluffy, filler facts that no one really cares about; I want my writing to really make a difference, which is why I make sure it is always backed up by concrete data. Ever since my college years, I learned that unless your work has a detailed scientific background, no one will take you seriously.

My passion for writing also inspired me to publish my works. I’ve been scribbling since high school, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do in the future as well. Every essay I presented was written by me – in contrast to my classmates, which would just copy-paste the essays straight from the internet.

In a way, I understand them; they wanted to get it done with them right away, without the hassle. I, on the other hand, could not do that – simply because I loved writing them myself. Sometimes I would even write papers for my classmates. It would not only get me extra income, but it would also help me increase my experience.

Now I’m out of college, but writing is still something I particularly like to do. And I want to keep doing it, which is why I’m using this blog to share my knowledge. If you’re ever in need of someone to offer you aid you with your homework, Mama Martha is more than happy to help!